From the Greek, “Toops” = place or where
“U” from “Ou” = no or not. Utopia literally means no place or nowhere. It is nowhere because it is inside you; a state of mind that is complete and utter bliss.
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Anonymous asked: You look amazing! I hope you have had a wonderful day!


Aww thank you Anon! :D I hope your day was equally as awesome. :) 

Been rockin’ curls the past few days! Someone message me I’m bored! :P

The Doctor and River- I AM NOT OKAY.


I also love how girls start shit talking off like ‘okay so Nicole like I love her, I adore her, she’s great and awesome and beautiful but like….’

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i cant get over this mans vines they amaze me every time

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when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


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when my parents complain about me image

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drake tryna get up from the chair after nicki leaves


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